Video: English Bulldog Attacks Ocean Waves!

Video: English Bulldog Attacks Ocean Waves!

The English bulldog you’re about to see absolutely loves water! He doesn’t have a surf board, but he has still found a way to enjoy the waves in a very special way!

Buddha the English bulldog loves to hang out at the beach, and as you’ll see on the next page, he jumps right into the waves crashing onto the beach, even if they knock him over! Every time he sees a wave forming, he positions himself to get ready to “catch” it and runs straight for it!

Being a bulldog, it’s especially important that he’s careful around water because those smooshy-faced breeds aren’t great swimmers but he seems to be staying close enough to the shore that he can stand up so he’s just having a blast!

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You can see each time a wave starts coming towards him, he gets excited and just knows he’s going to catch it. However, each time it comes crashing over him and he emerges with a big grin on his face!

Watch the video below to see Buddha enjoying his day at the beach!

Source: English Bulldog fearlessly attacks ocean waves by Jfritz33 on Rumble

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