Lucky Golden Retriever Rescued From Icy Pond!

Lucky Golden Retriever Rescued From Icy Pond!

Cody, a Golden retriever, decided to walk out onto the ice covered pond. The family said that normally Cody doesn’t even swim in the pond during the summer. However, for some reason, she felt compelled to walk out onto the ice on one cold day. Her weight proved too much for the thin ice, and she fell through into the icy water.

It took emergency crews nearly an hour to effect a rescue. At one point Cody was under the ice completely submerged in the frigid water. Working carefully in a boat, the rescue team eventually reached out and pulled her out of the water in the nick of time.

Thankfully, Cody was brought inside to warm up and seems to be alright according to reports but this could have gone a lot worse. Cody’s story highlights the dangers of ponds during the winter. Officials say the edges of ponds often freeze faster than the rest of the water so while the first couple steps may seem fine, that doesn’t mean the ice is safe.

Always keep an eye on your fur kid to ensure they stay safe and out of harm’s way.

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