Viral Video Of Tied-Up & Cancer-Stricken Dog Ends In New Adoption

Viral Video Of Tied-Up & Cancer-Stricken Dog Ends In New Adoption

Dog siblings, Ringo and Barbie, both mix-breeds of German shepherd and Labrador, finally went home with their new mom, Emily Ann Peters, who’s also the founder of Long Beach’s non-profit shelter, Live Love Animal Rescue.

Peters first saw Ringo in a viral video posted by a concerned motorist, Erin Ryder, showing Ringo being tied up at the back of his family’s pick-up truck with his muzzle fastened with white tape. The Women United for Animal Welfare (WUAF) initiated an investigation after seeing the footage which became a viral post on their Instagram account.

Animal Control Officer Lindsey Law said that Ringo and Barbie’s former family were amiable and turned the dog over to the WUAF, without protest. Peters, then, sought WUAF and offered to adopt the dogs, who were formerly employed as property guard dogs. Being a dog rescuer, herself, Peters worried about Ringo after seeing his bloodied foot, which she suspected as cancerous.

Peters also wanted to bring Barbie for medical examination after learning of the canines’ plight. The WUAF, then, decided to grant Peters’ request after the investigation started. The two dogs are now living with their new mom, who is seeking fosters and assistance with the large medical expenses. Barbie was found to have problems with her skin, ears, and teeth, while Ringo’s bloodied foot has sadly been confirmed as cancerous. Peters posted on her FB page, saying she doesn’t know how long Ringo will live.

Feature Image Source: Kate Karp

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