Wait Till You See The Secret Arrangement This Pup Had With A Local Baker!

Wait Till You See The Secret Arrangement This Pup Had With A Local Baker!

For a while, the Cabrera family couldn’t figure out why their little Dachshund pup, Chito, was putting on extra weight even though he was eating a good diet – he ate relatively healthy food in reasonable and regular amounts, and he’d been completely fine before.

But then they discovered Chito’s absolutely hilarious and adorable secret – one he’s been keeping for a good long while!

Chito often takes it upon himself to stand guard by the entrance to their house in Mexico, where he keeps his family on their toes by informing them of strangers coming too close by. But it turns out that there’s another reason he hangs out by the gate so much!

The Cabreras found out through recorded video footage exactly what Chito was up to. The pup was standing diligently by the gate when the local baker rode up on his bicycle. Then, without even a moment’s hesitation, the baker passed Chito a meal for him to enjoy – and of course, Chito was all too happy to accept!

The baker often sells sandwiches to the Cabreras if they happen to be at home at the time, but they’d never been aware that their pup was getting secret snacks so often! Still, Dad isn’t surprised about this revelation – Chito is well known for trying to cheat his way into getting more food, sometimes trying to trick his Grandma into feeding him twice!

The Cabreras don’t plan to put an end to this adorable and funny secret routine that Chito enjoys with the baker, but they are going to potentially cut back a bit on his other meals throughout the day. The good news is that Chito is still within a healthy body weight – just a bit bigger than he used to be!

Feature Image Source: Melissa Ceballos Cabrera

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