Wait Till You See This Adorable Pup's Tail!

Wait Till You See This Adorable Pup's Tail!

Aren’t pups just beautiful? Let us be honest – how many of us haven’t relaxed and spent the day taking in the scene while watching our pups wander about? There is something utterly glorious about how sunlight reflects off their fur as they roll about in the grass.

Ruger the German Shepherd is having a glorious time wandering around in a nice, large park on a sunny day. He is even accompanied by a lovely friend on this day trip out and about in this field! But before they really start their day, however, they take a moment to sample the local grass. Yum!

As jaw-droppingly gorgeous as Ruger is, however, his parent does have a minor problem – the fur on this pup’s tail is just too long, and needs a major trimming! In fact, it brings to mind a husky’s tail, rather than a German Shepherd’s one. It is enough of a problem that his parent is asking for help.

Feature Image Source: All mom, a little blonde

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