Wait Till You See What The Camera Recorded In This Supermarket! This Is Hilarious!

Wait Till You See What The Camera Recorded In This Supermarket! This Is Hilarious!

In União Supermercado, a supermarket in Brazil, staff were just going about their days when they caught a flash of movement out of the corner of their eyes. A brazen, law-disregarding individual had made a dash for the exit after sneakily snatching a loaf of bread off one of the shelves.

But this shoplifter wasn’t your typical thief. It was a sneaky little dog who had managed to nick some bread and make away with the stolen merchandise so quickly that no one was able to stop him!

Staff were, at first, unsure if their eyes had deceived them. Had they all suffered a mass hallucination, or had this unlikely event really occurred? Employees turned to the supermarket’s CCTV footage to be certain.

Sure enough, the video showed the incident clear as day. The brave outlaw of a pup had rushed in, grabbed what he wanted, and hurried back out without so much as breaking a sweat – and he left looking extremely happy, too!

Of course, União Supermercado has had its share of shoplifting incidents, but this is probably the first time it brought joy and laughter – especially since all staff are pretty thrilled with how happy the little dog seemed about his little crime streak.

A different camera also captured footage of the pup hanging around outside the store and seeming to premeditate his future crime a few minutes before the theft went down. Both of these videos were posted on social media, and the main video has been viewed a huge 100,000 times! Maybe this will lead to us discovering who the perpetrator is.

Staff at the supermarket actually do regularly leave water and food for the stray pups in the area, but apparently this pup wanted more. He’s living that high stakes life!

Images & Feature Image Source: União Supermercado

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