Watch How These Pups Walk Slowly In Terraced Fields!

Watch How These Pups Walk Slowly In Terraced Fields!

The thing about pups is that after you have raised them all the way from puppyhood into their senior years, they normally will have calmed down immensely and mellowed out. Which means that walking often becomes a very relaxing and slow-paced affair – and with some pups, it is one without leashes!

An example of which are these two Golden Retriever pups, who are enjoying a leisurely stroll through some terraced fields with their beloved Dad. You can see by their whitened muzzles that they are on the older side – sort of like how humans get white hair once they are older.

You wouldn’t be able to tell just how old they are by the way they move, though! These pups are still as sprightly as ever, even if they are elderly. The only way their age shows is by just how relaxed and slow they are with progressing through their walk!

Feature Image Source: IBUKI KOHAKU

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