Watch How Two Siblings Tease Each Other From Different Sides Of The Fence!

This German shepherd pup really wants to play with Yuki, his best friend, and an adorable Shiba Inu! There’s just one little issue.

Yuki is behind a fence and doesn’t realize that there’s an easy way out of it – through a small gap under the fence – and the German shepherd can’t find his way into the enclosure, either!

The two pups run back and forth, trying to play a game of tag without being able to actually reach or get to each other. They seem a little frustrated, but they don’t mind the distance as long as they’re spending time with each other. Sometimes, it almost looks like Yuki is teasing his friend: “You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!”

Then, finally, Yuki manages to burrow his way out from under the fence and rush outside, joining his German shepherd friend properly so they can chase each other through the yard in a more efficient manner. Hurray!

Feature Image Source: radiocoss

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