Maymo The Beagle Meets A Christmas Reindeer!

Maymo The Beagle Meets A Christmas Reindeer!

This famous dog received an odd and very large Christmas gift this year. The pup absolutely cannot get enough of it! Maymo the Beagle loves his Christmas reindeer to bits!

He was just sitting on the sofa, minding his own business, when suddenly a reindeer popped out of a huge box! Maymo was startled at first, but didn’t waste any time investigating and seeing who this new friend was.

After some careful examination, Maymo decided this reindeer is great! The two share some hot “cocoa” and the reindeer pulls Maymo on a sled. Then the reindeer rides Maymo around! Go figure!

These two are definitely up to some shenanigans and they are adorable together – Maymo and his new best friend, the stuffed reindeer!

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Watch the video below to see Maymo loving his Christmas present!

Feature Image Source: Maymo

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