Ways To Manage Allergic Reactions If Your Pups Have An Allergy

Ways To Manage Allergic Reactions If Your Pups Have An Allergy

If you’ve ever had allergies, you know how uncomfortable, annoying, and frustrating it can be. Unfortunately, pups also suffer from allergies, and it’s just as irritating for them as it is for humans!

In a recent post, we discussed common types of allergies and their symptoms, so if you haven’t seen that one, go check it out! But let’s say you’ve confirmed that your pup has an allergy. Does he have to suffer from itchiness and irritation forever? Of course not! There are plenty of ways to manage these allergic reactions. Here are some of them.

1. Medications

Corticosteroids and antihistamines can help with inflammation so that your pup’s skin isn’t itchy, but all medications come with side effects, so weigh the pros and cons carefully!

2. Atopica

This drug is fairly new and may take a few months to yield results, but it does have fewer side effects than typical medications. So if you plan on trying this out, have some alternatives on hand while waiting.

3. Antibiotics

A vet may prescribe this if your fur ball has scratched too much into his skin and caused an infection.

4. Injections

A desensitizing injection may be regularly given to a pup in order for his body to become used to the allergen.

5. Supplements

Fish oil and other fatty acids in supplement form can not only provide natural anti-inflammatory benefits, but also promote better skin health!

6. Shampoos and conditioners

As strange as this may sound, oatmeal-based bath products can actually relieve itchiness for your pup while making their fur softer and squeaky clean.

7. Protection

This goes without saying, but keep your fur ball away from allergens that affect him. Depending on what allergy he has, you may need to use some good flea control or keep him on a hypoallergenic diet.

It’s not likely that an allergy will be completely cured, but with proper management, your pup can continue living a happy and healthy life unbothered by it. Give this a like and share if you found it helpful!

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