Well Guess What! Now Even Our Pups Can Enjoy Art And Here's Proof!

Well Guess What! Now Even Our Pups Can Enjoy Art And Here's Proof!

There are a great many people who enjoy art, and many of them might also be the Mommies or Daddies to pups.

Sadly, you can’t bring fur balls into an exhibition hall, and it’s not like most pups would be able to appreciate paintings and sculptures. In fact, bringing one into an exhibition might result in broken sculptures that cost an arm and a leg. But that all changed with the world’s first art exhibit for pups, which ran from the August 19 to 20 in London.

Commissioned by insurance company MORE TH>N, the exhibit aimed to encourage pup Mommies and Daddies to spend more play time with their beloved pups. It certainly was an event to behold! The exhibit was inspired by pups’ favorite things and included artwork to cater to their likes. There was a 10-foot pup pool filled to the brim with fun balls to play with that also resembled treats.

An open car door window simulator served as a great place for fur balls to stick their heads through and simulate going on a ride, while water bowls featured sprays of water that leaped from bowl to bowl. Sounds like doggy heaven! Wilcox, the artist behind this glorious exhibit, said “I really hope that the artwork gets a lot of dog tails wagging!”

Your dog can appreciate art, tooNow your dogs can enjoy art, too! Happy National Dog Day!

Posted by CNN on Friday, 26 August 2016

Personally, I think it definitely did – but you can check out the video to see all these pups having the time of their lives. It turns out that art and pups can go together pretty well! Do like and share this amazing story with your friends!

Feature Image Source: CNN

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