What Are Zoomies And Why Do Dogs Get Them?

What Are Zoomies And Why Do Dogs Get Them?

What’s the first thing you picture when I mention the word zoomies? If it’s not the hilarious racing of your fur-child in a fit of random unstoppable, tornado-like activity then let me tell you that it should be!

Zoomie events are when your best bud has a sudden random eruption of energy for a few minutes. Zoomies or scientifically known as FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods) is 100% normal and is often a sign of a happy and healthy dog. No pupper is going to want to zoom if they are depressed or sick just like we wouldn’t go for a jog when we have a cold.

Zoomies can literally happen to just about any dog whether they are old, young, feeling excited, overwhelmed, or even chilled. This, in scientific theory, is how our dogs let loose the excess energy in their being. No one is 100% sure of why it happens or the how or when, it just does.


It seems we should just take a seat (away from the line of fire of course, unless you wish-ith to be run-ith over) and sit back, and bathe in the free entertainment your four-legged friend is providing because let’s face it, zoomies are loads of fun to witness and is guaranteed to improve your day. But if the zoom happens to be occurring regularly just before bedtime, this may help prevent it: taking your dog for a really long walk or run during the day, not getting overly excited/reacting to the zoom activity or if your dog’s zoomies is stress-related, calming supplements may be used but really, the likelihood of zoomies originating from stress is HIGHLY unlikely.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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