What Gender Should Your Second Dog Be For Both To Get Along?

What Gender Should Your Second Dog Be For Both To Get Along?

If you already have a dog, but you are thinking of expanding your family, you need to take a lot of things into account. And one of those things is deciding what sex your new dog will be so that both your pets can get along.

When you bring a new dog into your house, you need to properly train and socialize them. You need to spend as much time as you can keeping an eye on them. But you also need to make sure that the new dog understands that he is not the boss of the house. If you get a puppy, that’s fairly easy, as they are usually more submissive and they will let the older one take the lead.

But if you get an older new dog, that might get a little tricky. As long as you don’t shower the new dog with too much attention, and you don’t neglect the dog you already had, everything should be alright. Usually, having one male and one female is the best combo. Two males can become territorial and they might get into a lot of fights. And two females might have tempers that just don’t mesh well together.

But one of each is the perfect combination if you want balance and calm. The female won’t be interested in asserting dominance over the male, and the male will be calmer than the female if he doesn’t get challenged. Of course, you can get any combo you want to get, and sex isn’t the only important factor you need to account for.

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