What Should You Do For Pets When Aging Parents Can No Longer Care For Them?

What Should You Do For Pets When Aging Parents Can No Longer Care For Them?

No one is getting younger. We plan for our futures by saving and getting a will drawn up. More and more we are hearing about how people didn’t plan for their pets.

What will happen if you have to admit one of your elderly parents to a nursing home? Who will care for their dog or cat? You should talk to your parents about adding a clause in their will or estate plan for their pets – and do the same for your pets! There are options like:

  • Having a friend or family member adopt the pet
  • Sign the pet(s) over to a reliable rescue group. The group should be licensed in the state, and it should have adoption standards for potential adopters. Good rescues charge an adoption fee and have adoption contracts.
  • Give the animal to a shelter. This may be your last choice. But, if you are out of options, at least make sure the shelter is clean, has an excellent reputation, and is well-managed.
  • Board the animal, temporarily. If things happen suddenly, you may just need time to think. Boarding may give you some time to figure things out, and you can be sure the dog (or cat) is being properly cared for while you decide what to do.

The worst thing you can do is advertise an animal on Craigslist or say that it is “Free to a good home.” People who reply to those kinds of ads may be up to no good. You can adopt out your own pet, but be sure to at charge some fee to weed out the bad people.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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