What This Vet Team Does For Dogs Out Of Surgery Will Warm Your Heart!

What This Vet Team Does For Dogs Out Of Surgery Will Warm Your Heart!

In the largest animal shelter in Maryland, between 25 and 30 surgeries are conducted on needy animals every day. Even with all the work that taking in approximately twelve thousand animals per year involves, staff continue to find time to be there for those coming out of surgery.

The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, or BARCS, is constantly bustling, but staff recognize that every pet needs a little love. In this adorable and heart-melting video shared on the BARCS Facebook page, two vet techs named Dennis Moses and Amanda Greenwell are seen gently cradling two pups who just finished surgery.

These pups are under anesthesia during surgery, and the staff don’t want them to wake up alone in their kennels, disoriented, lonely, and confused. So instead, they gently cradle the pups in their arms and slow dance with them as they gradually wake up, giving them a sense of comfort and safety so they know they are loved, cared for, and safe.

A couple of years ago, another video by BARCs showed the same Dennis Moses singing to a pup who had just been spayed, rocking her back and forth. According to Moses, he and other staff do this because the animals can be frightened when they wake up somewhere else on their own. This helps their recovery from the anesthetic, and it also helps staff relieve some stress.

Though they have busy days and are constantly rushing back and forth, staff and volunteers at BARCS are always happy to take just a few minutes of their time to make a dog – or any animal’s – entire day feel better. It’s an inspiring and heartwarming thought, and staff and volunteers do such great work!

Feature Image Source: BARCS Animal Shelter

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