What To Do When Your Dog Comes Only After You Offer Them A Treat?

What To Do When Your Dog Comes Only After You Offer Them A Treat?

The biggest reason why dog parents refuse to use reward-training is because they believe that the dog will do what he’s required to do only if there’s a treat in return. This naturally means that dog parents have to carry treats wherever they go to keep their dogs in check. But how far is that true?

You must understand that reward-training doesn’t mean that you should treat your dog after every command. There’s a variety of rewards you can give your dog to encourage good behavior. Remember that once your dogs have excelled in training, they won’t need treats to do what they’re required to do.

But, is there something to keep in mind?

  1. Inconsistent training will leave your dog confused so naturally there will be times that he won’t be sure what you’re asking for him to do.
  2. Maybe the environment is distracting him and he’s unable to hear you?

If you think that your dog is responding to you only because of the treats, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Train him again to come when he’s called, but this time without treats.
  2. Show him that commands come with good things. For example, when he’s playing outside and you call him, he wouldn’t want to come because he doesn’t want to stop playing. Calling him for more positive things may help them understand that whatever it is you’re calling for is worth it, for example, mealtimes.
  3. Slowly stop treating your dogs. If you stop abruptly you may leave your dogs confused, so ensure that you slowly fade the treats.

How did you stop your dogs from expecting a treat when they’re asked to do something? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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