What To Do When Your Dog Shows Sudden Bursts Of Energy

What To Do When Your Dog Shows Sudden Bursts Of Energy

If you’re wondering why your dog suddenly dashes around the house like mad, and then, slumps on the floor for seemingly no reason at all. Don’t be alarmed. These are just frenetic random activity periods or ‘zoomies,’ which are quite normal and harmless to dogs.

These spurts occur more frequently among young ones, especially after a bath, exercise, training, or after witnessing other dogs having the ‘zoomies’ as well. Some are triggered when they see their parents arriving or when they are eager for a stroll. Usually, they’re overenthusiastic, nervous, or tense about something or when new things happen, and they just need to release the pent-up or excess energy in their bodies.

Some dogs dash back and forth indoors or across the yard while others go round and round, chasing their tail until they succeed or get exhausted and collapse on the ground. If you’re concerned about how reckless they act when experiencing the ‘zoomies,’ just ensure that they are in a safe and spacious environment – one that’s roomy enough to accommodate their frenzied activity and secure enough that no harmful or breakable items get knocked off.

Do not reprimand, discourage, or attempt to stop your dog. Instead, manage his or her activity space, and ensure that young children and yourself, are out of the way. Also, once you’ve identified the triggers, anticipate it, and take your dog to that cleared-out space to prevent anything untoward from happening.

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