What to Do When Your Pup Swallows Stuffing from a Toy

What to Do When Your Pup Swallows Stuffing from a Toy

Our pups can sometimes be over-enthusiastic when playing with plush toys. Before you know it, it’s been ripped apart, and the stuffing is up in the air.

The danger comes, however, if he accidentally swallows some of the fluff. Dr. Clarissa B. Lyon a veterinarian at Larklain Mobile Veterinarian Services in Pennsylvania says that in the case of a tiny amount of stuffing going down, there is no cause for alarm. Your pup will most likely pass it.

What should worry you is if you have a small pup and he swallows a large amount of stuffing. This may cause internal blockage, hence you need to contact the vet immediately. You should also contact him if you are unsure of the amount of stuffing your pup swallowed.

Dr. Lyon explains:

“Our primary concern with stuffing is … a large amount causing obstruction in the intestinal tract… Could it be toxic? Perhaps, but our primary concern would be the actual physical obstruction that a significant amount of stuffing might cause…”

The signs of a gastrointestinal obstruction are:

  • Your pup will refuse to eat
  • He may suffer from bouts of vomiting
  • There may be signs of abdominal pain

You can prevent your pup from eating stuffing by keeping an eye on him when he is playing with stuffed toys. In addition, purchase stuffing-free soft toys as they are safer for him.

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