When Homeless Pup Realizes She Could Trust Someone, She Did The Most Incredible Thing

When Homeless Pup Realizes She Could Trust Someone, She Did The Most Incredible Thing

When Judy Obregon found out about a German shepherd pup wandering the woods around Echo Lake Park, Fort Worth, Texas, she knew she had to gain her trust and take her in. The pup in question was very nervous and terrified and multiple attempts to catch her had failed.

Obregon, who is the founder of The Abandoned Ones, a rescue in Texas, was determined to capture her and bring her into the shelter. She was no stranger to saving frightened and injured dogs from bad families from that area, as the Echo Lake Park area had always been a popular dumping ground.

Armed with patience, a soothing and coaxing voice, and some food, Obregon made the trip every single morning to see the pup, bringing food. At first, the dog took off running every time she spotted Obregon’s truck. Then, one day, she was waiting for it instead, and Obregon knew she was close to her goal.

But once the pup knew Obregon could be trusted, she revealed a shocking secret. She went into the wooded area and reemerged leading another dog with her, one even more terrified – a pit bull pup, with a scarred face. The two dogs had clearly been protecting each other, though it’s unclear how they met. It was as though the German shepherd was telling her friend that Obregon was a friend, too.

Meanwhile, Obregon received the message loud and clear: if she was to take the shepherd, she must take the pit bull. And so she did. Now, they live in the shelter awaiting foster homes to take them in. They’ve been named, Iris for the German shepherd and Clover for the pit bull, and have a clean bill of health!

These pups are finally in good hands and on their way to a forever home as Obregon and her organization tries to find a good foster home for them. If you’re in the area and want to apply to be a foster with the TOA, click this link!

Images & Feature Image Source: The Abandoned Ones

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