When Should You Give Your Dog Benadryl?

When Should You Give Your Dog Benadryl?

While some of us welcome the change of seasons, especially from a cold, dark winter to glorious spring, for others of us it is a time of constant misery for one simple reason: allergies.

Along with the beautiful spring blossoms, arrives pollen and for the unlucky ones, this means hay fever, runny nose, itching eyes, etc. These symptoms are not exclusively suffered by humans! Our dogs can also be victims of this malady and require the same basic treatment as us, namely, antihistamines. One of the most popular antihistamines for our hounds is called Benadryl and works by blocking the histamine receptors in the dog’s body, thus counteracting the allergic reaction.

While Benadryl is safe for dogs, it is advisable to consult your vet before use. He will advise whether the drug is suitable for your dog’s particular ailment and will also give you a dosage guideline. The general rule is 1mg per pound of body weight, two to three times a day. While Benadryl is chiefly used to combat allergies, it has another surprising use- it can be used to treat anxiety in dogs and other animals.

Benadryl can be administered to your dog if he is showing any of the following symptoms: running nose, itchy, swollen eyes, sneezing, coughing, etc. If he has a particular allergy that you are aware of, such as a grass allergy, it is advisable to dose him 30 minutes before he is exposed to the allergen. This can save him a lot of misery. Likewise, an anxious dog can be pre-dosed if he is going to be exposed to an anxiety-causing situation.

Please remember to consult your vet before administering any medicine to your dog.

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