When You See This Adorable Pup's "Cinnamon Rolls" Type Ears Your Heart Will Melt!

When You See This Adorable Pup's "Cinnamon Rolls" Type Ears Your Heart Will Melt!

Jen Deanse, the president of rescue organization Pit Sisters, was quick on the scene when she found out that there was a lonely litter of puppies in need of a safe place to stay.

But when she got to the location in rural Georgia, she was surprised to see one puppy was not like the others!

The puppies were all little and tan-colored, but one of them had different ears. While everyone’s was large and pointed, this one pup’s were curled adorable inwards. They looked just like a twin pair of very little cinnamon rolls! Deane had never seen a pup like that before, and the little one was aptly named Cinnamon.

Pit Sisters shared a picture of Cinnamon on their Facebook page, and it wasn’t long before she developed her own little Internet fandom. Some even talked about how much the pup’s ears looked like a 1940’s hairstyle called victory rolls!

Cinnamon and her litter didn’t have an easy start to life. They found their way to a public shelter after presumably escaping from a neglectful home situation. At the time, they were all extremely thin, filthy, and had various worm infections.

At just 5 weeks old, they were in terrible healthy – and it’s a good thing they were able to receive the vet care they needed. Now, the siblings are all doing much better.

Many of them have forever homes waiting for them already, and Cinnamon is one of them! She’ll soon be going to a family where she’ll live with three fellow pup siblings, where she will receive all the love she deserves.

Images & Feature Image Source: Pit Sisters

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