When Your Dog Eats As If There’s No Tomorrow

When Your Dog Eats As If There’s No Tomorrow

Does your dog chow down food as though he/she has been starving for months? Don’t fret. The truth is – this is usual among canines and the reason may be linked to their former conditioning.

First off, dogs speed-eat because of several reasons. Common culprits include food competition with other pets, high-value content of the food offered, sickness, or nutritional deficiency causing them to be constantly famished. Rule out these possibilities first before anything. If cleared, it’s likely that he/she is behaving the way its own kind does in the wild.

Picture how your pet survives away from the comforts of your home. Your canine would be hunting all day. They’re omnivores, and, innately, hunters and food gatherers in the wild. The irregularity of food in this situation will have them eating small portions over longer periods. This irregularity amidst competition will force them to eat as much as they can.

Canines tend to eat twice their calorie requirement if given unlimited food.

How can you manage this?

Trash the bowls and use puzzle toys instead. The latter not only dispense smaller food portions, but also, enable your dog to play, explore, hunt, and solve puzzles, providing good physical and mental exercise.

If your dog easily gives up on toys, help him/her in solving it. Gradually wean until she’s comfortable. Don’t forget to reward positive behaviors once spotted. You can also employ foraging mats that are suitable for impatient canines.

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