When Your Dog Hates The Vet

When Your Dog Hates The Vet

Even though your dog might hate going to the vet, it’s something you as a parent have to ensure happens. It’s for his/her good, and you can’t cave no matter how much fussing or whining there is.

This is why your dog hates the vet:

Reasons your dog hates the vet

The real reason most dogs hate their vet is that they are scared. They associate going to the vet with uncomfortable feelings of prying and probing, much like how humans hate going to the dentist or doctor.

Plus, your dog’s sensory organs are more heightened, which means he/she will react differently to the environment. Dogs can smell the stress pheromones of the vet’s other patients and even sense the fear of other dogs!

If your dog is a little shy or fearful of other dogs, imagine how scary it must be to be around them! Combine these elements and you get a dog who hates going to the vet

Your dog can tell when it’s time to do to the vet

Your dog is a lot smarter than you think, and you’ll notice odd behavior even before you get to the office. Well, that’s because of your body language or maybe even how you dress that day. Crazy huh?

What you can do to fix this issue

There’s no avoiding the vet, but there are some ways you can improve the experience for your dog.

Start with talking to your vet or finding one who is used to dealing with scared dogs. He/she will make special arrangements and be mindful during the visit to make it as stress-free as possible.

You may also try shorter, more frequent visits to the vet instead of trying to get everything done at once. This will be less invasive and it will make your dog accustomed to the environment.

Be sure to soothe your dog by petting, or bring along treats and toys to keep him/her calm. If there is aggression, consider medication to help keep him/her calm.

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