Who Dunnit? The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Giant Bone!

Who Dunnit? The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Giant Bone!

The mysterious case of the missing giant bone takes place at Agroveterinaria Los Paisas, a pet store and animal clinic in Andalucia, Colombia. It’s not the typical crime, and the culprit behind the mystery will surprise you.

It was a day like any other at the pet shop. Victoria Andrea Viviana was helping customers with their needs and as she was distracted, the culprit used it as an opportunity to make a move!

He made sure no one was looking, then snuck inside the store and walked behind the counter. There, he spotted what he had come for. Within his reach was the giant bone. He grabbed it then made a mad dash to the exit! By then, he caught the eyes of onlookers, one of whom even tried to stop him, but he was no match for this snatcher! Check out this video of how the pet store was robbed by someone who loves bones more than anyone else, a dog! It will leave you in tears! Happy tears of course.

His crime spree was, however, short-lived, as his mom later turned him in and attempted to pay for the stolen goods. To her surprise, Vivian refused the money and there were no hard feelings. The entertainment was well worth it, and everyone who has seen this video or experienced the snatching would agree.

Vivian extended a welcome to the dog if he ever chooses to visit again, and any other animal! Just don’t go stealing any more bones!

Images Source: Victoria Andrea Viviana

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