Why Do Dogs Carry Their Food To Other Rooms Before Eating?

Why Do Dogs Carry Their Food To Other Rooms Before Eating?

Dogs sometimes do peculiar things that humans have a hard time understanding. One of these unusual behaviors is the dog’s need to take food out of their bowls, take it to another room, and eat it there. Why exactly do they do that? Is this a sign that something is wrong?

Sometimes, if your dog chooses to do this it’s just a quirk and nothing is wrong. But that’s not always the case. Don’t just ignore this behavior; make sure everything is in order and if something is off, try fixing it. Better to be safe than sorry.

Tru checking the bowl. Maybe it’s dirty and smelly, making the dog turn their nose. Wash it regularly, and if that doesn’t fix anything, try replacing it. Or maybe their collar clinks against the bowl and the sound bothers them. In that case, try removing the collar at mealtime.

If replacing the bowl doesn’t work, maybe the serving surface is the problem. Some dogs have difficulties standing on smooth surfaces, so try putting a rug where the bowl is. That will make it easier to stand while they eat, and the mat will catch crumbs, making clean-up easier.

Sometimes, it’s all about their instincts kicking in. They might feel the need to protect their food and eat away from distractions. In that case, try giving them a safe space where they can it. Maybe try an area where there are no other pets or humans.

On the exact opposite end, some dogs might be bringing food in other rooms so that they can eat with someone. If you notice they only bring food in other rooms when you are there, that might indicate they might feel separation anxiety and need to eat with someone. If that’s the case, try being your dog’s meal partner.

Understand your dog and make them feel as comfortable as possible. If it’s just a quirk, leave them to their own devices. Otherwise, make sure they are comfortable at all times and give them a safe space.

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