Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads Outside Car Windows?

Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads Outside Car Windows?

It’s just a universal thing – dogs love sticking their heads out of cars! Not all of us can agree with that love, but it’s easy to see what’s so attractive about it – right?

Why Do They Like Doing That?

If you’re struggling to see from their point of view, here’s a few reasons why they adore this activity so much:

  1. Check Out That View! The view is wider and completely unobstructed if you stick your head out!
  2. Sensory Overload. That wonderful feeling of wind on your skin is just impossible to resist.
  3. Do You Smell That? The speed at which your car travels allows your dog to pick up on more scents faster than they normally can.

Isn’t It Dangerous?

It is, actually. Here are some of the possible risks:

  1. Pebbles And Flying Debris. Anything thrown into the air at those speeds can hurt your dog upon contact.
  2. Ear Infections. The wind itself, and anything it carries with it, can get into a dog’s ears and cause all sorts of infections.
  3. Mad Dash To Freedom. If your dog spots something they must have, that’s it – one jump through the window is all it takes.

What Can I Do?

This doesn’t mean you should deprive your beloved dog of the little pleasures in life! Just make sure to drive slowly, and to keep a close eye on your dog. If you’re going above 25mph, then restrain them to prevent any potential accidents.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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