Why Your Dog Loves Peanut Butter So Much

Why Your Dog Loves Peanut Butter So Much

Have you ever wondered why your dog seems to enjoy peanut butter more than any other treat? Not only do dogs come running at the twist of a jar, but many dog treats include it as an ingredient.

Interestingly, there are different theories on why dogs may love peanut butter.

Dogs have roughly 1,700 taste buds on their tongue, while humans have about 9,000. Although dogs can distinguish between sweet, salty, sour, and bitter food, their taste buds are weaker than ours. That is why they rely on their impeccable sense of smell.

Some theories on why dogs may love peanut butter include:

  1. It is rich in protein: Some experts believe dogs have an incredible ability to track the scent that protein leaves behind because they desperately need it to survive.
  2. It has a sweet flavor: Your dog can perceive the sweet smell of peanut butter from afar, so they run to you when you’re opening a jar.
  3. It is salty: Some people believe dogs are attracted to peanut butter due to its salt content. Although dogs can taste salt in food, they do not have many salt-specific taste buds as we do. So, this theory is unlikely.

Peanut butter’s protein content and sweet smell seem to be the most plausible theory behind your dog’s love for this tasty treat. While peanut butter is safe for dogs, you should not give your dog too much.

Image Credit: OakleyOriginals

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