Wife Catches Husband Dancing On Couch With Family Bulldog!

Wife Catches Husband Dancing On Couch With Family Bulldog!

In this funny viral video, Mom peeks into the living room to find her husband and their dog working out some dance moves on the couch, and it’s utterly hilarious!

After a little prompting, the French bulldog is able to bust a move just as good as his Dad and if you watch closely, they actually sync up at one point! Looks like they’ve been working on this for a while now!

Sometimes bulldogs will wiggle their butts on the sofa if they are having tail trouble. If you notice your bully doing this unprompted, have your vet take a look – they may be uncomfortable.

However, Pinga the French bulldog and his faithful Dad just can’t help themselves when they hear T.I.’s hip hop song “Whatever You Like.” They’ve got to get down!

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This is the cutest. Now we know what really happens when nobody’s looking – dad dances with the fur kid! It looks like these two have been rehearsing this for a while now because they’re pretty good together!

Watch the video below to see Pinga and his Dad dancing!

Feature Image Source: marcelokpz

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