Woman Asks Sister To Dogsit Her Dog, Gives Her A 2-Page PDF With Instructions!

When being asked to dog sit for a friend or family member, we often find ourselves quite nervous. Although we might know the four-legged friend quite well, we can never be sure exactly what to expect.

Some people, however, clearly think ahead. This was the case for Gus’s human mom who asked her sister to look after him for the weekend.

Gus’s aunt was fully informed on what to expect that weekend. She received a two-page document on his routines, his feeding times, his naughty behaviors, and when he will take chances. The document also included his favorite toys and snacks, and what he should and should not be getting up to. Gus’s aunt posted the document on social media as a laugh, and the responses she received were certainly a mixed bag.

Some people reckoned Gus was way too high maintenance, while others thought the document was hilarious. Needless to say, Gus probably did not get away with much misbehavior that weekend!

Although the instruction document gave us all a laugh and seemed a bit excessive, it might not have been the worst idea from Gus’s mom. The best way to keep our dogs behaving is to keep them in routine. When we let them get away with things they usually may not do, we unknowingly encourage bad behavior.

This can upset the normal routine of our dogs and make it challenging for dog parents to get back into their normal ways. Even though we usually know the dogs we are dogsitting, it would probably be best for us to ask their parents for information on the “do’s” and “do-nots”.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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