Woman Comes Up With A Yummy Way To Lure A Freezing Dog To Safety

Woman Comes Up With A Yummy Way To Lure A Freezing Dog To Safety

With the country experiencing all types of weird weather phenomenons, individuals in San Antonio Texas don’t know what to do. For Kristin Salinas, she stepped up and handled a lost dog better than most would.

As she was coming back from work on the newly snow-covered roads, Kristin saw a lost labrador and knew she needed to help. As she got near to him, he kept running in the other direction and was very scared. Kristin parked her car and searched for something to help. To her surprise, the tortillas she packed earlier were in her back seat.

Using the tortillas and placing them in her back seat, she lured the dog into her car. While this was happening, she was speaking on the phone to her wife, who was telling her to bring the dog home. With all the snow that they were currently in, she knew that bringing the dog home was the best option. Upon arriving home, the dog laid in the back seat and finished eating the tortillas.

When Kristin got home with the dog, he was scared but still acted very friendly to both of them. She took him to the local vet and realized that he wasn’t microchipped and after finding this out, Kristin and her wife decided to foster him. They have several adopted rescue dogs already and figured Taco, which is what they named him, would be a great addition to the family for now. Unfortunately, due to them reaching their maximum foster dog limit, they are unable to adopt him, but luckily have many people who are wishing to adopt him.

Image Source: Kristin Salinas

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