Woman Issues Warning To Pet Parents After Losing Her Beloved Pup At Home

Woman Issues Warning To Pet Parents After Losing Her Beloved Pup At Home

A horrifying accident has left a resident of North Carolina sending out a plea to other pup Moms and Dads to be aware of the dangers of leaving dogs in crates.

For Courtney Gresham, the day started out as any other would. She took her Boston terrier pup, 5-year-old Emmie, for a morning walk, had breakfast, and then got ready for work. As she had done every day, she carefully placed Emmie into the pup’s crate so that she would be safe and calm while her Mom was gone.

But a few hours later, when Gresham came home from work, she opened the back door and found an absolutely heart-stopping sight. Emmie was on her back legs, unmoving, inside her crate.

Gresham dashed to her side and found that Emmie’s collar had gotten stuck on something on the top part of the metal crate. Gresham couldn’t stop herself from bursting into tears and screaming as she quickly opened the door and detached the collar from the top of the structure, but Emmie was already unresponsive.

The tags attached to Emmie’s collar had become stuck between some of the bars on the top side of the crate, and the pup had likely panicked and attempted to free herself. In the process, she accidentally pulled too hard and the collar choked her. Sadly, she passed away before Gresham got home.

A while later, Gresham discovered that Emmie’s case isn’t as rare as it could be, and many pup Moms and Dads have lost their beloved dogs over this same mistake. Although she bemoans learning this lesson the hard way, Gresham now sends out a message to other pet parents – don’t put a dog in a crate with their collar on!

Feature Image Source: Facebook/Courtney Sexton Gresham

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