Woman Jumps Into Freezing Pool To Save Dog From Drowning

Woman Jumps Into Freezing Pool To Save Dog From Drowning

All the inclement weather that’s happening around the country is leaving people and their dogs with no idea how to function in conditions like these.

In some southern states, pools and lakes are freezing over, which is leaving dogs unaware of all the dangers that could occur with one wrong step. For Jennie Tatum and her dog, life in Murfreesboro Tennessee has always been warm and lovely. With a pool in their backyard, Jennie and her dog Sid love to relax in the summers. Sid, who is a playful brown pit bull, was a bit in shock when he saw that his favorite summer pastime was frozen over.

As he was checking out the situation, Sid tried taking some steps across the pool and ended up falling in. The second he hit the water, he was in shock, and Jennie was so scared upon finding him in there. Luckily, Jennie saw him quickly and was able to get in out in the nick of time. She says that Sid was under the water for almost a minute, and it took her a bit to fish him out of the water. Shortly after she got him out, Jennie called her neighbor who was also a vet, to come and help.

Once she showed up, she administered an emergency shot. They said that if she wasn’t there as quick as she was, and did not give him the needed attention, Sid wouldn’t have made it. His lips were blue, along with his tongue, and was saved by their neighbors’ help. Luckily, Sid is a favorite of many, and Jennies neighbor was more than happy to step in and save the day.

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