Woman Puts Up A Camera To Watch What Her Dog Does When She Leaves Her Home

Woman Puts Up A Camera To Watch What Her Dog Does When She Leaves Her Home

Sundae’s mom always noticed that Sundae collected some of her things and brought them to the dog bed whenever she came home from running errands or whatever she had been doing. In order to find out more about this sweet and funny habit, she decided to buy a camera.

After leaving her home, even for just a short time, she would be lying in her bed with her shoes, socks, and clothes. She had not seen her put anything in the bed. It just piqued her curiosity to see how she did it.

Her mom left for the store one day for the first time since she set up the camera in anticipation of seeing what Sundae did when she wasn’t around. Her camera system alerted her of motion in the house while she was at the store. Watching the live feed on her phone made her want to cry.

After getting up from her bed, Sundae sat by the door. As opposed to wandering around the house, she stayed in one spot, waiting for her mom to return. It broke her heart! She cried when she saw her pup waiting for her.

@sundaetheblacklabI’m never leaving her alone again 🥺

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The only thing Sundae does when her mom leaves is to wait by the door. The only time she gets up is to put her mom’s things in her bed and to gather her things. Otherwise, she just waits. Even though it is a routine she likes, it has driven her mother to never leave the home again.

From now on, Sundae’s mom says she will always take her to the store and never leave her waiting by the door!

Image Credit: @sundaetheblacklab

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