Woman Rescues "Horrible Puppy" Who Turned Out To Be Sweet

Woman Rescues "Horrible Puppy" Who Turned Out To Be Sweet

A popular saying goes, "If you are not valued, don't be angry; It means that you are in the wrong place." One woman in Columbus, Ohio, who we will call Veronica, has narrated how she adopted a puppy after the dog's family described the dog as "horrible."

Veronica learned about the dog from a high school acquaintance trying to find the dog a new home. When Veronica saw the dog's picture, she couldn't help but fall in love with her and was determined to take her in, despite already having a 70-pound dog living in her small apartment.

It took about a week before Veronica made the trip to pick the pup up. When she got there, her high school acquaintance's boyfriend told her that if she hadn't come to pick the dog up that day, he would have drowned the dog because the dog was a "horrible puppy." Veronica quickly took the pup, who gladly snuggled into her, and left for the vet.

At the vet's office, Veronica learned the dog weighed 5.7 pounds and was covered in fleas. After getting treatments and shots, the duo went home to start a new life together.  

It didn't take long before the new puppy became buddies with Veronica's other dog and became a source of joy to Veronica. It turned out that the dog wasn't horrible; she only needed a loving family.

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