Woman Saves Baby Raccoon; Her Dog Helps Take Care Of Him

Woman Saves Baby Raccoon; Her Dog Helps Take Care Of Him

When Kate found an orphaned baby raccoon alone and scared in a tire wheel, she knew she had to help make life easier for him. The poor kit was underweight as he hadn’t eaten or been with his mother for some days.

Kate decided to rehabilitate the baby raccoon, but she didn’t have to do it alone – her blue-nosed pit bull, Ashlyn, was there to help. She named the kit Eto and spent the next couple of days feeding him well. Soon, Eto became full of life.

It didn’t take long before Ashlyn took on the role of foster mom and began looking after Eto. When Eto began to grow and explore further away from their home, Ashlyn would follow him around. She also taught him how to sniff around the grass and how to swim.

One day, Eto went out and didn’t come back for weeks. Kate’s house has an open-door policy with wildlife, allowing them to come and go anytime they want.

Eto returned and stayed with Ashlyn and Kate for a few more months, but it was merely to say goodbye as he left again and didn’t come back.

Although Kate and Ashlyn miss having Eto around, they are glad he is strong enough to survive on his own in the wild. Hopefully, one day he’d stop by to visit them.

Image Credit: YouTube

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