Woman Sees Cop Taking Selfies With Dog, Then It Goes Viral!

Woman Sees Cop Taking Selfies With Dog, Then It Goes Viral!

Taking pictures is nothing out of the ordinary for us, especially pictures with our favorite furry faces! We love snapping them when they look their cutest, when they are giving us cuddles, and well (let’s just be honest), we find any excuse to capture a moment with them!

These pet pics are the best to share with friends and family! Just like us, we have our working dogs of society too. Therapy dogs are often captured on camera too. But, what about our serious service dogs? The drug busting, bomb tracking super sniffers of the K-9 unit. Well, one four-legged officer of the law certainly does not get excluded from this!

Gina Anzaldua Stevenson is part of the Dogspotting Society on Facebook, a group where precious moments with canine companions are snapped and shared with the world. Just the other day, Gina was at an airport when she spotted such a special bond between an officer and a K-9 unit dog.

The two were taking a break and the officer was taking a few selfies of him and his devoted dog. Gina noticed, however, that every time the officer took a selfie with his four-legged partner, he showed each photo to his other half too!

Gina found this moment to be priceless, so she captured a few pics of this and posted it on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page. It goes without saying that his devoted duo went viral within minutes.

It goes to show that even the most seriously trained special unit dogs can still be part of a world of fun!

Feature Image Source: Facebook

Images Source: Facebook

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