Woman Sells Everything She Owns Just To Save Her Pup's Life

Woman Sells Everything She Owns Just To Save Her Pup's Life

Dolly-Ann Osterloh adopted Snoopy nine years ago. After being kept in a birdcage and then abandoned by his so-called family, Snoopy ended up at a kill shelter in New Jersey.

Dolly-Ann saw his picture online and fell head over heels! She drove out to the shelter and brought him home! Dolly-Ann said that Snoopy has never failed to show love and only desires the basics. Apparently, he is also humble and doesn’t bark much. Sadly, Snoopy has mitral valve disease (also known as ‘leaky valve disease), and his heart has grown larger than it should.


Mitral valve disease, according to vetstreet.com, is thought to be a genetic disorder. Early symptoms include a heart murmur, and as the disease progresses, your dog may cough and breathe more rapidly. The lifesaving surgery will cost over €37,000, and there is only one surgeon who can do it. Dolly-Ann is willing to do what it takes to get the surgery for her beloved canine.


So far, she has taken out a loan and borrowed money from family and friends. She has also started a GoFundMe page, but she hasn’t reached her goal yet. She is almost there, we just have to pull together to get Snoopy this procedure! Please consider making a donation and be sure to share this story, so Snoopy has a chance!

On September 8 and 9th 2017, Dolly-Ann opened her house up to the public and put everything on sale! Talk about dedication to her dog! Snoopy’s surgery is set for September 18 – time is running out! If she can’t get the money, Snoopy will lose his chance.

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