Woman Suffering From Cancer Gets the Best Surprise Ever And You'll Love It Too!

Woman Suffering From Cancer Gets the Best Surprise Ever And You'll Love It Too!

Every dog lover’s dream is to be surrounded by puppies. Courtney Gessford, 28, from California, got to live out that incredible dream recently.

Gessford had been diagnosed with a brain tumor over three years ago. The tumor, which was about the size of a lemon, resulted in her needing regular radiation treatments, three brain surgeries so far, and currently, chemotherapy.

Gessford endures migraines and is constantly exhausted from all her treatments, but she finds solace in the comfort of the family pup: a lovely dog named Clyde who Gessford considers her best medicine. She and a good friend of hers, Maris Loeffler, both think that with if Clyde provides such a wonderful form of treatment, being surrounded by puppies would be the ultimate medicine!

Gessford and Loefller, both being avid dog lovers, began to send each other videos of people surrounded by puppies to make each other smile. One video involved a person practically drowning in puppies as they sat together in a kiddie pool!

That’s when Loeffler got the idea for the puppy ambush surprise. It took a whole year of her developing this idea and working to bring it to fruition, as it was pretty hard to get a hold of that many puppies at once. But then, Ryan Hinderman, the social media coordinator to the Front Street Animal Shelter, agreed to be a part of the plan.

On January 7 this year, Loeffler told Gessford that there was a surprise for her. She blindfolded Gessford and made her listen to headphones, and then drove her to the shelter. She was guided to a seat, and when she smelled dogs, she was immediately excited. The blindfold was taken off and Gessford found herself in one of those small pools, surrounded by pillows, with puppies around her everywhere she looked!

This magical moment, with Gessford surrounded by friends, family, and loads of puppies brought tears to everyone’s eyes. We wish this incredible woman all the best in her recovery!

Feature Image Source: Front Street Animal Shelter

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