Woman Takes Dog To Groomer - The End Result Is Hilarious!

Woman Takes Dog To Groomer - The End Result Is Hilarious!

Caring deeply for our dogs, we want them to look their best, as well as make their life easier during the hot times of the year. Groomers are humans too, but we’re always expecting the trusted groomer to do an awesome job on our dog! Well, sometimes things don’t turn out just as we thought they would.

One hilarious story of a grooming gone bad comes from Lisa Tores after she attempted to have her dog Cheddar groomed at the local PetSmart shop. When leaving her dog for the much-needed beauty treatment, the last thing she expected was for the groomer to call her to come back and pick up the dog! There was no chance to do the work on Cheddar as he was restless and even bit the groomer twice!

As a result, poor Cheddar was left with a hilarious half-finished cut and a ridiculous bush of hair on the top of his head. Having to walk around like that, was not leaving only Lisa in tears of laughter, but pretty much anybody who saw this hilarious scene.

Lisa just couldn’t stop laughing, and while the photo went viral, the comments of this image were just as hilarious as the dog himself; Lisa, still laughing commented she is ready to give this restless dog for adopting while other suggested she should at least try to trim a bit of that mess so the poor thing can see!

Feature Image Source: Lisa Busbee

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