Woman's Dog Goes Missing, Then She Sees Someone Trying To Sell Him Online

Fireworks. For some, they bring excitement and celebration. For others, namely four-legged friends, the feeling is not always mutual. Fireworks often cause anxiety and stress for many of our precious pooches.

The unfamiliar, loud bangs are not fun for a canine companion who’s hearing is much more fine-tuned than ours! Most dog parents prepare before the events begin, giving canine companions calming medication and putting them in a room that minimizes the bangs. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, dogs still get frightened and even manage to run away. It is always heart-breaking to us, how can we possibly explain to them that running out will be more frightening?

One dog mom found herself in this nightmare during the Independence Day celebrations in her neighborhood. Husky, Sansa, had been frightened by all the hustle and bustle and managed to escape the yard. Taking to social media, this dog mom had posted many pictures of Sansa in a bid to raise awareness.

Sansa was spotted, but shockingly it was not in an expected way. It turns out, somebody had found Sansa and attempted to sell the precious pooch to try to make some cash!

Thankfully, somebody in the neighborhood identified the woman trying to sell Sansa, and the dog was reclaimed! It is disappointing to hear about the lengths that people will go to in a quest for money.

Luckily, this community stood strong and was not going to let the selfish woman get away with such actions! Sansa is safely back in the arms of her devoted dog parents. What a relief!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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