Would You Believe If We Told You These Puppies Are From The Same Litter?!

Would You Believe If We Told You These Puppies Are From The Same Litter?!

Most people expect brothers to look very similar, but oftentimes they don’t. This is true for people, and even for animals. Or at least this was the case for three puppies who were rescued from the same litter but grew up to look completely different from each other.

Rocky, Chip, and Brownie were rescued by Helping Hands Humane Society (HHHS) after their mother passed away. The rescuers didn’t know much about the puppies’ past. They just knew they needed help, so it didn’t matter to them that their past was unclear.

When they were rescued, the puppies were only a week old. That meant they needed to be monitored closely, and bottle-fed. A foster family decided to help them out so that they would have all the attention they needed.

In the care of the foster family, the puppies became to thrive. They started growing up and developing their personalities. But that’s not all they developed.

The more time passed, the more different from one another they started to look. After a couple of months, they barely looked like brothers. Brownie had a longer, silkier coat. Rocky’s coat was coarser, making him look like a Yorkie. And Chip looked like a baby Chihuahua.

The puppies’ foster mom works for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, so her co-workers got to know the three boys. Chip and Brownie were adopted by her co-workers, while Rocky was adopted by a former Hill’s employee.

Because their new families have a workplace in common, it makes it possible for the boys to keep in touch. Their new families can confirm that, while the three of them look very different from each other, their personalities are pretty similar.

They are all loving and kinds, and they love traveling and going on adventures. They might not look related, but they sure do act like brothers.

Image Credit: HHHS Topeka

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