Yes, Your Dogs Can Actually Smell Fear! Mindblown!

We have learned from previous posts that our dogs have the power and skills to sniff out illegal drugs in airports, banned substances, certain foods, and can even be trained to sniff out pests!

But did you know your pawed pet has a superpower that goes beyond smelling the material things around you? In addition to ordinary things, your pet has the ability to sense feelings such as fear!

In recent studies, researchers have found that dogs hold the incredible ability to smell different scents by using separate nostrils. The same researchers conducted tests where they gathered sweat samples from humans and from other dogs during moments of isolation or fear. Once exposing the test dogs to these samples, what the researchers found was mindboggling!

The results showed that when sensing sweat from other dogs, the dogs tend to use their right nostril. When sensing sweat from humans, the dogs tend to use their left nostril. These results are extraordinary and remind us that our cozy companions are more special than we could ever imagine.

Not only do they protect us when we are in danger and keep us company when we need comfort, but they also stay in tune with how we are feeling. This once again proves to us how remarkable and unique our home-loving hounds truly are. The next time you feel afraid or seek refuge alongside your pet, remember that they are more tuned into how you are feeling and what you are experiencing, than what you might assume!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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