Your Prayers Answered: An Animal Abuser Registry In The State Of Tennessee!

Your Prayers Answered: An Animal Abuser Registry In The State Of Tennessee!

Finally, although it took forever, our wishes and prayers have finally been answered. Now in the State of Tennessee, people who have been convicted of animal abuse will have their named publicly listed for the world to know.

In May a legislation was passed thanks to the Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate, a legislation that allowed the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to create a website that lists out the names of all animal abusers in the state of Tennessee. Apart from their full names, the abuser’s photograph and any other identification will be listed to alert people.

So what happens is that first time animal abusers will have their names and other identification on the website for two years. After two years, if they have not been convicted again, their names and photograph will be removed. If they’re convicted again, they will remain in the database for five years. If they’re not convicted again, they will be removed, otherwise they will stay.

Now let’s understand that this law does not apply to livestock at this time, but it does apply to abuse, neglect, dog fighting, cruelty or other things of similar nature. The best part is this database will be completely public and easily accessible to people everywhere.

So When Is This Becoming A Reality?

Starting the 1st of January 2016 this database will become a reality! People will now be able to check on potential adopters and even see if any abusers reside in the neighborhood. The state of Tennessee have started it and we can only hope that a reality in other states too 🙂 Please SHARE this post with everyone you know!

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