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Loyal Dog Waiting At Hospital Has No Idea His Parent Died From COVID19 Months Ago

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The COVID-19 crisis is of the scariest global pandemics of our lifetime! The news is flooded with reports of infections, deaths, and new cases, instilling fear of the future in all of us. Wuhan is the capital city where the coronavirus started, the epicenter of the infection.

Over in Wuhan, a man was admitted to hospital with complications that had developed from the virus. His little dog Xiao Bao (which translates to “little treasure”), a seven-year-old mongrel, had accompanied him to the hospital during his stay.

Unfortunately, the man did not survive the complications and passed away after a few days in the hospital. Xiao Bao was chased away from the hospital, but a cleaner of the building staff team says despite everything, Xiao still comes back looking for his dad.

He will never understand what had happened, but his loyalty and dedication remain unchanged!

Our canine companions often bond with us on a deeper level then we will ever understand. As in this case, they become so attached to us that they will always anticipate our return.

Xiao is an example of this, and although we know how much they mean to us, we can see here that we should never underestimate the impact we have on our pets’ lives too!

The coronavirus has been life-changing and has brought an air of anxiety upon many of us. Perhaps we should take this time at home to give our loving animals the time and affection that they deserve!

Feature Image Source: The Paper

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