Rescue Bank

We have proudly partnered with Rescue Bank® to help get food to shelter dogs across the United States of America. You will notice every single item available on our site includes a donation that allows dogs in shelters to get fed. Whether it's a day's or a month's worth of food, your support makes a huge difference in a dog's life. 

How It Works

Each year, millions of pounds of nutritious pet food are donated by brand name manufacturers for delivery by Rescue Bank® to pre-qualified animal welfare non-profits throughout America.

Through our partnership with Rescue Bank®, we support freight-paid deliveries of dog food to smaller, less visible non-profits that have limited access to resources.

Why Food Is Donated

Nutritious pet food is donated when it is nearing the ‘best buy’ date, has minor packaging defects or is being re-branded. Animal rescue groups use the savings from their food budget for more spay/neuter and vet services – increasing adoptions of healthier pets so your support literally helps save lives.

How Rescue Bank Distributes The Food

Rescue Bank® schedules and pays for the freight to deliver the donation to a regional distribution center where it is picked up by pre-qualified non-profit groups.

With millions of pets in need throughout the country, Rescue Bank® is a reliable partner for converting excess product into goodwill for the donor.

Rescue Bank® is a valued partner for both suppliers and the animal rescue and foster organizations across America.

Where The Food Goes

Rescue Bank® works with non-profits all over the USA to keep shelter dogs fed. From California to New York and Michigan to Texas, Rescue Bank® is getting food into the paws of dogs that really need it. We are so grateful for their work in helping dogs in need and thrilled to be able to join them in the cause.

Rescue Bank® is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the animal rescue and rehabilitation community with much-needed supplies and services.