Want To Throw Your Dog The Greatest Party Ever? Here Are 12 Tips! (Part 1) - A Dog's Love

Want To Throw Your Dog The Greatest Party Ever? Here Are 12 Tips! (Part 1)

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Whether it’s your dog’s birthday or the day he was brought home, we all have many reasons to celebrate our dog’s special days! Instead of going out and celebrating, why not throw a fabulous party your dog and his friends? Check out 12 ways to throw your dog the greatest party ever!

1. Build a custom doggy water-park!

All you need is a tarp, pool noodles to cover the tarp, stakes to hold the tarp down and a sprinkle! Let the fun begin!

2. Create their favorite toy-popsicle!

Take your dog’s favorite toy and freeze it with water in a ziplock cover! Not only will this hydrate your dog, it’ll make hydrating much more fun!

3. Dog pops should be available!

Freeze your dog’s favorite foods like bananas, peanut butter, yogurt, strawberries in an ice mold. As far as the handle is concerned, use a Milkbone to complete the dog pop!

4. Doggy pool!

Isn’t this the perfect way to enjoy a party? Just fill the pool with water-proof toys and let the fun begin!

5. Play Fetch!

Everyone loves fetch!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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