10 Things Dogs Secretly Do When They're Home All Alone! (Part 2) - A Dog's Love

10 Things Dogs Secretly Do When They’re Home All Alone! (Part 2)

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A lot of dog parents installed spy cams to check on their dogs, and boy, are we surprised! Here are some things your dogs secretly do when they’re home alone! You’re welcome! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. If they’re not allowed on furniture, that’s the first thing they’ll do as soon as you walk out that door. 


2. And if they know how to open fridge doors, then after getting on top of furniture, they’ll look inside your fridge to see if there’s anything delicious to eat. 


3. After they’re done feeding themselves, they’re going to go over to your heels and chew on them. Because heels are bad for you.


4. Once they’re done chewing shoes, they’ll remember that they have fresh laundry to pee on!


5. They’ll sit by the door and wait for you to walk in so you don’t suspect anything!


What do your dogs do when they’re home alone? Let us know in the comments! 

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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