10 Breeds That Go From Teeny Tiny To OMG Humongous!

Dog parents all over the world know that when you bring your tiny puppy home, they’re sometimes the size of your palm. Yes, especially abandoned puppies who find their forever loving homes.

Before anything, here’s a shoutout to all dog parents, especially those who’ve adopted stray and/or abandoned and/or abused dogs and given them a second chance to live. You are heroes and an inspiration to everyone else! Thank you for your service! Now, dog parents who bring home puppies start off seeing a tiny dog slowly growing to be the size of a normal dog, right? Well, some dogs start of teeny tiny, just like others, but unlike others, they grow. And grow. And grow. Here are some breeds that go from teeny tiny to OMG humongous!

1. Scottish Deerhound

2. Irish Wolfound

3. Black Russian Terrier

4. Great Dane

5. Mastiff

How many of you have these breeds at home? Tell us how you handle all that awesomeness in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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