How to Stop Your Dog From Aggressive Chewing

How to Stop Your Dog From Aggressive Chewing

Aggressive chewing is a behavioral issue in dogs where they excessively chew on objects, such as socks, shoes, and other household items. Although chewing is normal for dogs to discover their surroundings, it can be a source of stress for dog parents due to the high cost of repairs and potential harm to the dog's health.

If you face this challenge with your furry companion, it is crucial to seek a solution promptly. This article will examine the underlying causes of aggressive chewing in dogs and provide an effective method for resolving the issue. 

4 Causes of Aggressive Chewing In Dogs

  1. Lack of Stimulation: Dogs isolated for long durations or deprived of enough physical and mental activity may chew on nearby items to alleviate boredom.
  1. Stress: Dogs that experience anxiety or stress may resort to chewing as a means of coping.
  1. Teething Process: Puppies transitioning from baby to adult teeth may chew on objects to ease the discomfort and pressure caused by teething.
  1. Natural Instinct: As natural hunters, dogs may exhibit aggressive chewing due to their instinctual behavior, such as keeping their teeth sharp or clean.

Effective Solution For Aggressive Chewing In Dogs

While there are several ways to combat aggressive chewing in dogs, the most effective way to curb the issue is using chew toys, which provide mental and physical stimulation.

These toys keep the dog's mind occupied and reduce boredom, a frequent trigger of aggressive chewing. At the same time, chew toys fulfill a dog's natural chewing instinct, helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

This article recommends five durable nylon chew toys you can buy online to curb your dog's chewing habits. Nylon is ideal as it can withstand chewing and tearing, ensuring a safe and long-lasting outlet for your dog's chewing behavior.

It also offers dental benefits, such as cleaning teeth and massaging gums. With the help of chew toys, you can redirect your dog's aggressive chewing and protect your home and belongings from further damage.

1. Hot Dog Nylon Chew Toy


This chew toy can handle bites from the toughest chewers and not break a sweat. Its hot dog design will catch your dog's eye and entice them to chew on it, making it an effective way to address the chewing problem.

Whether boredom is causing your dog to chew on furniture or other household items, the Hot Dog Nylon Chew Toy can redirect this behavior. In addition to resolving chewing issues, it supports dental hygiene by keeping your dog's teeth clean and fresh.

It is easy to clean and maintain, making it a convenient option for busy dog parents. This toy is suitable for dogs weighing up to 45 lbs.

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2. Wacky Nylon Enrichment Bone

The Wacky Nylon Enrichment Bone is an ideal choice for dog parents with dogs weighing between 15 and 35 pounds.

Its unique design, featuring indentations in the bone shape, provides an opportunity to engage your dog's chewing instincts by filling it with tasty soft foods like peanut butter, which helps to redirect their aggressive chewing behavior from household items to the toy.

In addition to being a fun and interactive chewing experience for your fur baby, the toy also alleviates boredom and separation anxiety, making it a valuable investment in your dog's well-being. Its durable nylon construction can easily handle enthusiastic chewing.

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3. Honey Chicken Nylon Teething Ring


You can't go wrong with the Honey Chicken Nylon Teething Ring if you're looking for a chew toy to deal with your dog's teething-related aggressive chewing behavior.

Its irresistible chicken flavor appeals to most dogs, making it an effective tool to redirect their chewing from household items to the toy. The material used in constructing the toy is non-toxic and FDA-compliant, ensuring that your dog stays safe while playing with it.

This toy is designed specifically for dogs weighing 15 to 55 lbs, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of breeds. Furthermore, it has received approval from veterinarians, so you can be sure that you are investing in a high-quality toy that will make your dog happy and healthy.

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4. Wrench Nylon Chew Toy


If you are dealing with aggressive chewing in your dog caused by anxiety, the Wrench Nylon Chew Toy is a suitable option. Constructed from durable and non-toxic nylon that complies with FDA standards, this wrench-shaped toy has been praised for its quality and awarded the 2019 Pet Product News Editor's Choice Award.

Not only is this chew toy safe for your dog, but it also helps alleviate anxiety and discourages chewing on household items. With its simple maintenance, this chew toy will remain in excellent condition for your pup to enjoy.

Suitable for dogs weighing 15 and 80 lbs, the Wrench Nylon Chew Toy is a must-have item that will keep your dog entertained and happy for hours.

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5. Bone Nylon Toy

The Nylon Knuckle Bone Toy is a durable option for dog parents with large or XL dogs weighing up to 90 lbs. Its unique knuckle bone shape appeals to dogs and entices them to chew on it.

The composite material of nylon and wood used in its construction is engineered to withstand the chewing habits of heavy chewers who easily ruin other toys. The toy helps reduce anxiety-related aggressive chewing by providing your dog with entertainment and stimulation for hours.

It is also simple to clean and maintain, ensuring your dog always has a clean and safe toy to play with when coping with stress.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this article has provided you with a clearer understanding of aggressive chewing and the advantages of durable nylon chew toys as a solution.

Give one of the five chew toys a try and see how it positively affects your dog's chewing behavior. We would love to hear about your experience, so feel free to leave us a comment.

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