10 Breeds Who Love Being Around Children!

Kids who grew up with dogs know that if you have a dog, you don’t need a best friend because your dog IS your best friend forever!

Unlike humans, dogs are loyal, devoted and are a pure source of unconditional and unending love. Having said that, not all dogs love to be around children, even though they love children. For some dogs, they love to be with children for a limited period of time, others love to be with them 24/7! Dogs who love to be with children are playful, loving, protective and ultra patient! Here are some dogs who love being around children.

1. English Bulldog


These dogs are meant to love children and they do, like their own puppies! They’re the 4th most popular dog in the US and for a good reason too. They’re calm, courageous and super friendly!

2. Beagle


Being the 5th most popular dog in the US, these dogs are independent, curious and super friendly!

3. Newfoundland


Oooh. Kids who love clouds, this dog is for them! These dogs are large, fluffy, sweet, patient and super loving!

4. Golden Retriever


Can’t forget this breed, can we?! Being the 3rd most popular dog in the US, golden retrievers are friendly, devoted, intelligent and super calm!

5. Labrador


Standing at the first spot of popular dogs in the US, labradors are friendly, outgoing, active and they love goofing around with kids!

How many of you agree?! Let us know in the comments below! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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